How many macro data releases affect the steel mark

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How does the release of a number of macro data affect the steel market

Abstract: a large number of macroeconomic data were released in mid May, and the crude steel output in the first four months was also officially released. The specific performance is analyzed item by item

what to do if there is a problem with the frequency converter of the single column testing machine? In April, the added value of China's industries above designated size increased by 7% year-on-year, 1.0 percentage points faster than that of the previous month, and 0.5 percentage points faster than that of the same month of the previous year

from January to April, China's urban fixed asset investment increased by 7% year-on-year.

the central bank launched a reverse repurchase operation of 180billion yuan in the form of interest rate bidding on May 15, and put another 200billion yuan on May 16.

China's crude steel output in April was 76.7 million tons, a year-on-year increase of 4.8% (4.5% in March).

, On the one hand, last month coincided with the post holiday recovery period. On the other hand, it also made great progress on a month on month basis. The steady increase in the added value of industries above designated size is not inconsistent with the reduction in steel inventory since last month

in January, the urban fixed asset investment increased by 7% year-on-year, lower than the expected value of 7.4%, down 0.5% from the previous value. In the first April, the urban fixed asset investment fell to the lowest point since 2000 year-on-year. The main reason may be attributed to the slowdown of infrastructure construction, the limited expansion of local government debt, and the reduction of cross-sectional area by 0.6 percentage points to 12.4% compared with the growth of monthly infrastructure investment. In terms of infrastructure, in addition to being limited by local government debt, the outbreak period of urbanization has passed, and the growth rate has naturally slowed down. Its demand for infrastructure projects has also tended to be stable. New urbanization requirements or infrastructure demand may stimulate this part of investment again

according to the data, the crude steel output in April increased by 4.8% year-on-year, an increase compared with that in March. Considering that the northern steel enterprises were in the process of limiting production in winter in the first ten days of March, and some of the production restrictions were not lifted until the second half of the month, the increase in the increase is understandable. However, the real growth of output will slowly act on the later market and form an upward pressure on the steel price

in terms of market funds, in May, the central bank changed its previous style and put a large amount of net investment into the market. On May 15, the protective cover was firm and reliable. On May 16, the central bank put a net investment of 380billion yuan in two consecutive days to improve capital liquidity. Before that, the market was short of funds. The performance of the steel market was that the steel price remained high for a long time, and all liquidity links were cautious. With the large amount of funds put into the market, this situation may be alleviated. The reason why the central bank issued such a large net investment in May is mainly because this month is a big tax month. There are routine monthly tax collection and payment, as well as the final settlement and payment of corporate income tax in the previous year. In order to suppress the liquidity problems caused by the arrival of the peak of the tax period, the central bank solved them through periodic net investment

to sum up, among the currently published data, the downstream and upstream production performance is not very satisfactory in terms of the impact related to the steel market. The rise of steel prices is under great pressure from the macro environment, but fortunately, the capital liquidity was increased in May, bringing good support to the market. As for the steel market in the second half of the month, the current steel price is strongly supported by low inventory. In the second half of the month, as new goods are warehoused or have a certain impact on the market, car enterprise orders will also enter a stage of low ebb. The future market may not be satisfactory. In the second half of the month, the market may be treated with cautious optimism


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