How many small and medium-sized enterprises can no

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How many small and medium-sized enterprises can not be washed out by the waves

how many small and medium-sized painting enterprises can not be washed away by the waves

january 25, 2019

when you walk into the Pearl River Delta, you will feel that coating enterprises are everywhere, and all of this stems from the long history of urban development here. But that said, there may still be many small and medium-sized enterprises in the scale of Tu enterprises here

referring to small and medium-sized enterprises, the coating market consulted a data released by the China Association of small and medium-sized enterprises last year, which mentioned that 2018 was the highest monthly sales volume in the previous history of China's excavators industry. In the third quarter of the year, the development index of China's small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEDI) was 93.0, falling slightly by 0.1 points for two consecutive quarters. The sub industry index rose by 2, leveled by 2, and fell by 4. The sub index rose by 2, leveled by 1, and fell by 5. The decline was narrower than that of the previous quarter. It is expected that the environment for the survival and development of small and medium-sized enterprises will remain grim in the fourth quarter and next year. Market expectations are unstable, investment is insufficient, funds are tight, benefits have shrunk, and development confidence still needs to be boosted

in combination with today's Guangdong region, China's most profitable private entrepreneur has to dismantle the vertical integration system that has been established for more than 20 years. In fact, the picture presented by the coating industry is also relatively difficult. The entry threshold for paint production itself is not high, so a large number of enterprises of different sizes were derived in the early stage. Although the phenomenon of product homogeneity and fierce competition has continued in the industry for many years, the market cake can not only take care of large enterprises, but also give a share to small and medium-sized enterprises. Everyone takes what they need and still lives brilliantly

today, however, we suddenly find that the original bustle seems to have ceased. We not only learned from the interview with the heads of several enterprises that the market is now difficult to do, but also the environmental protection supervision, plant leasing, labor costs, tax costs, raw material costs and logistics costs are all rising. In addition, the competition for the same type of products in the domestic market is fierce, and large international brands are scrambling for food, Enough to cause today's small and medium-sized enterprises "difficult"! Even many members of the association have talked about it in many public occasions that it is not easy for small and medium-sized enterprises to live

in fact, some of the outstanding small and medium-sized enterprises are still concerned by the industry and large-scale Tu enterprise groups, and then have the opportunity to be acquired or merged by high-quality enterprises. This in itself is a good thing for small and medium-sized enterprises, because this kind of business behavior will promote their own sustainable development, at least when experiencing various unstable factors, they can take it easy. We always say that "building a big tree to enjoy the cool", Maybe it is the best interpretation

of course, there are not many small and medium-sized enterprises that are favored. Most of the time, enterprises still need to "make their own blood" and then stand on the market and eat their own cake. Therefore, the coating market will always hear different industry voices. For example, to continue to be a coating enterprise is to take care of old customers and basically maintain them; Take one step at a time; Constantly looking for the gold owner, hoping to join the bureau to help solve the urgent problem; Not afraid of difficulties, brave to live

for the time being, for 2019, more and more small and medium-sized enterprises are crying out the slogan of "live", which makes people feel sorry! We know that the quotation of raw material suppliers, the upstream enterprise of Tu enterprises, is always fluctuating, but Zheng Daqing, senior vice president of BASF Greater China business and market development, added that this fluctuation is more from the rising trend. For the business owners who have been struggling, it is undoubtedly a kind of aggravating the situation, because in the past, some raw material suppliers may have used credit to handle the financial settlement with small and medium-sized enterprises, However, influenced by various factors such as the international situation, political environment, exchange rate changes, product supply and demand, the rise of raw materials has become an inevitable rhythm. Therefore, as a raw material supplier, it seems that the past situation of giving a certain accounting period to Tu enterprises will be further broken. Therefore, many Tu enterprises are actually operating with advance funds, not to mention other expenses such as office space rental costs, labor costs and logistics costs All these will turn into the greatest resistance to the development of the enterprise

of course, as Guangdong coating industry association or Shunde coating chamber of Commerce, we can see that the relevant leaders are making unremitting efforts to help the practical difficulties of small and medium-sized enterprises, such as applying to the government for industrial park land, and trying to discuss and communicate the possibilities in various aspects such as the national subsidy policy for enterprises. It can be seen that the industry still sees a warm spring breeze of caring for enterprises, It may also be another feasible reference help for the current development direction of small and medium-sized enterprises

let's bless the Chinese coating market, usher in the dawn of 2019, and colleagues in the industry will go hand in hand


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