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China's path to developing strategic emerging industries without major technological inventions and breakthroughs, it is difficult to have the birth of emerging industries. The development of strategic emerging industries is obviously driven by innovation. At the same time, it also follows the basic path of technological invention, achievement transformation and industrial rise. Miao Wei, Minister of industry and information technology, said on March 20 that China's existing economic growth model is increasingly facing severe challenges, The optimization and upgrading of traditional industries urgently need the traction of strategic emerging industries and the per capita consumption of plastic flexible packaging in the Middle East and Africa to achieve a breakthrough growth. China must pay attention to technological breakthrough, business model integration and mechanism innovation in cultivating and developing strategic emerging industries

Miao Wei said at the 2011 China development forum that China is still a country dominated by traditional industries, and the key and difficult points of industrial structure adjustment lie in the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries. The so-called transformation is to accelerate the transformation from traditional industrialization to new industrialization; Upgrading is a leap from the low end of the industrial value chain to the high end. Cultivating and developing strategic emerging industries does not mean a simple replacement for traditional industries, but to realize industrial upgrading by promoting the industrialization of emerging technologies and the high-tech transmission of other traditional industries

technological innovation is the main direction of cultivating and developing strategic emerging industries

without major technological inventions and breakthroughs, it is difficult to have the birth of emerging industries. The development of strategic emerging industries has obvious innovation driven characteristics, and also follows the basic path of technological invention, achievement transformation and industrial rise. Miao Wei said

Miao Wei believes that at present, it is necessary to select a number of key directions that can lead and achieve breakthroughs, and accelerate breakthroughs in key technologies, core technologies and system integration technologies that restrict its development. Taking the new energy vehicles he is familiar with as an example, he must make major breakthroughs in the energy density, service life and safety of power batteries in order to achieve industrialization and scale

China's innovation policy includes original innovation, integrated innovation, as well as technology introduction, digestion and absorption, and re innovation. Miao Wei believes that these three aspects are interrelated, complementary and complementary. We should always adhere to autonomy, cooperation, win-win results and openness, make use of global innovation elements and resources, and take the ownership of independent intellectual property rights by local enterprises as the strategic direction and main goal

if scientific and technological achievements cannot cross the valley of death in the innovation process, they will lack the source of innovation. Miao Wei believes that we should make full use of national major science and technology projects, focus on supporting the transformation projects of major scientific and technological achievements with strong driving force, and promote emerging industries in accelerating the transformation and industrialization of achievements

the integration of business models has also invested in an offshore wind power facility. Innovation is a powerful driving force for cultivating and developing strategic emerging industries

under modern market conditions, business model innovation is as important as enterprise technology innovation and product innovation, especially the accelerated integration of manufacturing and modern service industries, which promotes the reconstruction of production system, and even becomes a significant feature of the new economy. Miao Wei, for example, said that in the field of energy conservation and environmental protection, efforts should be made to promote new models such as contract energy management and recycling of modern waste goods, so as to develop new forms of commercial value-added services

at present, emerging industries at the initial stage of development are faced with problems such as high cost compared with existing similar products and imperfect market supporting system. For example, new energy power generation requires the support of energy storage and other related facilities. The support of IOT also requires the organization and implementation of intelligent transportation, smart city and other demonstration projects to build a platform for the industrialization and commercialization of emerging industries. The construction of market supporting facilities should not be ignored. Miao Wei said

at the same time, Miao Wei believes that cultivating and developing local brands also requires an important link of business model integration and innovation. An important sign that an industry is in a leading position in the international market is that it has internationally renowned enterprises and internationally renowned brands. We are now a big manufacturing country, but we are still a small brand country. In the initial stage of emerging industries, we should take a long-term view and support the development of competitive independent brands

Institutional mechanism innovation is an important support for cultivating and developing strategic emerging industries Miao Wei believes that the current development of China's strategic emerging industries still faces many institutional and mechanism constraints, including the accumulated effects of the original planned economic system and policy drawbacks, as well as the challenges brought by new technologies to the existing management system and mechanism. To cultivate and develop strategic emerging industries, we must deepen the reform of relevant systems and mechanisms, and actively explore new industrial development models suitable for the market economy and China's national conditions

first of all, we should respect the market law and the law of industrial development, relax the access threshold, simplify the approval procedures, promote the system reform of strategic emerging industries, and provide institutional guarantee for the orderly entry of all kinds of capital and the healthy development of industries

secondly, we should comprehensively use industrial, tax, fiscal, financial and other means to promote the concentration of capital, technology, talent and other production factors to strategic emerging industries, give full play to the incentive function of price mechanism and competition mechanism, and effectively promote technological innovation and optimal allocation of resources. In addition, we should strengthen intellectual property protection, improve technical standards related to strategic emerging industries, and effectively protect the rights and interests of innovators

during the 12th Five Year Plan period, China is facing unprecedented opportunities and challenges in cultivating and developing strategic emerging industries and promoting industrial restructuring. China is willing to share the fruitful achievements of technological innovation and economic and social development with industry, science and technology, finance and experts and scholars from all over the world, and make joint efforts to promote the sound and rapid development of emerging industries. Miao Wei said


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