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How many tempered glass manufacturers are there in Shenzhen? What are the famous tempered glass manufacturers?

how many tempered glass manufacturers are there in Shenzhen? What are the famous manufacturers of tempered glass?, Tempered glass belongs to safety glass. Tempered glass is actually a kind of prestressed glass. In order to improve the strength of the glass, chemical or physical methods are usually used to form compressive stress on the surface of the glass. When the glass bears external forces, it first offsets the surface stress, so as to improve the bearing capacity and enhance the wind pressure resistance, summer and cold resistance and impact resistance of the glass itself. Some people may not know which tempered glass manufacturers there are in Shenzhen. Next, the global glass industry will take you to see which tempered glass manufacturers there are in Shenzhen

Shenzhen jinshangyang Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.

Shenzhen jinshangyang Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. was established in June, 2002. The company is located in Jiewei industrial city (opposite the west gate of South China), Pinghu Town, Shenzhen city. It is adjacent to Shenzhen customs, Hong Kong, Dongguan, Huizhou and Guangzhou with low yield strength ratio. It has convenient transportation and rich resources

the company has introduced the production process and manufacturing technology from Korea. It is an early professional manufacturer of PMMA acrylic lenses, tempered glass lenses, camera lenses and liquid crystal display panels in China. It is also a manufacturer with mature lens production technology in China. It is mainly engaged in the production of tempered glass lenses, cadmium rice, poisonous vegetables and other food safety incidents, including TP tempered glass panels, special-shaped glass panels, magic lenses, anti fingerprint lenses, UV transfer keys and flat TP panels; Digital camera window lens, camera lens, mp3/mp4 lens, DVD panel, digital photo frame panel, instrument lens, remote control panel, all kinds of nameplate and chromium brand. The products are mainly sold to South Korea, the United States and Southeast Asia. The company's production plant covers a total area of 3200 square meters, mainly engaged in capacitive touch screen (pc/pet/pmma) lens panel, camera, electrical display window panel and various decorative panels, Production and processing of tempered glass panel, tempered glass film, camera glass sheet and other optical glass

Shenzhen Chenglong Glass Co., Ltd.

established in 2001, Shenzhen Chenglong Glass Co., Ltd. specializes in processing and producing all kinds of tempered glass. Its products are widely used in: electronic appliances, lighting fixtures, furniture and furniture. Among them, the tempered glass of electronic appliances produced by our company are: LCD glass, advertising machine glass, touch screen glass, digital photo frame glass, electronic scale glass Ar glass (high transmittance glass/antireflection glass), Ag glass (anti glare glass), LED lamp glass and a series of high-quality tempered glass are representative products; The factory actively meets the challenge of difficult new products and goes all out to create value and achievements for customers. It is not only exported to Europe, America and Southeast Asia, but also occupies a large share in the Pearl River Delta

Shenzhen jiedashun glass products Co., Ltd.

Shenzhen jiedashun glass products Co., Ltd. is located in Shenzhen, Guangdong Province. Jetta Shun has long focused on the production of engineering glass and is good at the production of ultra long, ultra wide and ultra thick glass. The company has 3. 3M * 16m tempering furnace and sandwich production line. The model projects are all over the country, and gradually develop into a well-known enterprise in China's glass deep processing industry. Jetta Shun has four major production bases, advanced production equipment, complete management system, complete product series and excellent brand quality. It has sales service centers both at home and abroad, and acts as an agent for float originals of several well-known domestic and international brand glass manufacturers

four production bases: Shenzhen production base, Dongguan production base and Huizhou production base, with an annual processing capacity of 7million m2 of engineering glass

Shenzhen Longhua New Area Dalang xinchuanghuang optical glass products factory

Shenzhen xinchuanghuang optical glass products factory is located in shangzao Industrial Zone, Dalang sub district office, Longhua new area, Shenzhen. Founded in 2002, the company has developed into a modern production plant with a large scale according to the size of energy. The company's main products include various specifications of glass lenses, LED lighting glass lenses, flashlight tempered glass lenses, jewelry photo frame glass lenses, tempered glass lenses and other instrument glass lenses. The company has more than 100 employees, a special research and development technical backbone team and a complete set of perfect optical product production and processing equipment, High production and processing capacity of optical products. The marketing scope covers the national market, adheres to the principle of good faith management, supports sample processing, and welcomes new and old customers to call to discuss cooperation


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