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The pattern of China's micro and special motor industry has basically taken shape. In recent years, China's micro and special motor manufacturing industry has grown rapidly, has fully developed into a competitive industry, and has greatly improved its international influence. At present, the business situation of enterprises is generally good, but due to the characteristics of products, the profit margin of enterprises is not high. There are about a thousand micro and special motor manufacturing enterprises in Chinese Mainland. After the rapid development stage and fierce market competition, the basic pattern has taken shape

non state owned capital has become the mainstream of the industry

at present, the number of wholly-owned, private and township enterprises accounts for about 80% of the entire micro and special motor industry, mainly concentrated in Guangdong, Zhejiang and Jiangsu provinces. The majority of enterprises in the Pearl River Delta region of Guangdong are wholly-owned enterprises, which are characterized by the production of home appliance motors and low-cost micro DC motors, with large output; Enterprises react quickly to the market; Most of the products are exported, mostly through re export in Hong Kong. Famous companies such as Japan Marlboro Zhida company, Hong Kong Dechang Electric Co., Ltd. and Sankyo Seiji Manufacturing Co., Ltd. have established wholly-owned enterprises here. Most of the enterprises producing micro and special motors in Zhejiang Province are privately-owned, which is the province with the largest production of micro and special motors and supporting products in China. The enterprises have a rapid response to the market. This area is also the place where permanent magnet materials for electric motors are produced most. Almost all township enterprises in Jiangsu Province have become private enterprises, and most of the motor factories are concentrated in Changzhou. Other provinces with a large number of micro and special motor manufacturers include Shandong Province and Liaoning Province, such as Japan wanbaozhi motor Dalian Co., Ltd., Japan electric power Dalian Co., Ltd., Dalian Fuji Motor Co., Ltd., and Japan micro motor Dalian Co., Ltd., which are located in Dalian

the restructuring of state-owned enterprises has enhanced their vitality.

after fierce market competition, most of the state-owned enterprises have now been restructured, and the competitiveness of the restructured enterprises has been greatly enhanced. For example, the former Shanghai micro motor factory, Nanjing differential motor factory, Suzhou Xun motor factory, Tianjin micro motor company, Hebei motor factory and other enterprises, through restructuring, timely adjusted the product structure and market direction, and increased the export trade volume, thus glowing with vitality

bone has completely different requirements for flexural modulus and impact toughness. The annual output value of dry enterprises exceeds 100 million yuan

in recent years, a number of backbone enterprises have emerged in the whole industry. At present, many enterprises with an annual output of wood plastic products equivalent to more than 100 million yuan and more than 10 million sets than pure plastic or pure wood. For example, Guangdong Shunde Weiling Motor Manufacturing Co., Ltd. has an annual output of more than 5million air-conditioning plastic encapsulated motors; How does Zhongshan Dayang motor solve the external interference of the electronic universal testing machine? The company has an annual output of 20million micro and special motors; Zhejiang Wolong Group Co., Ltd. is a large-scale enterprise engaged in the production of micro special motors, small and medium-sized motors and product development. It was listed in 2002, and now the annual output value of the company exceeds 1billion yuan. The former state-owned enterprises, such as Tianjin Micro Electric Machinery Co., Ltd., Hebei Electric Machinery Co., Ltd. and Shanghai Jinling Micro Electric Machinery Co., Ltd., are in a good operation and management situation at present, with an annual output value of more than 100million yuan, with an annual growth rate of more than 15% in recent years

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