The path lamp lights up the villagers' road in Ruo

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Ruoqiang County, Xinjiang: path lights illuminate villagers' roads on October 28, the working team of the people's Court of Ruoqiang County in wutamu Township, yigezi wusitang village, purchased a batch of environmentally friendly solar street lights with intelligent light control and no wiring, beautified and brightened the main roads of the village group, effectively solved the problem of villagers' difficulty in traveling at night, and delivered warmth to the hearts of the villagers of all ethnic groups, which was highly praised by everyone

but in some cases, the reproducibility is poor. "In the past, it was dark at night, but now it is bright to go out and communicate with each other. With the arrival of winter, it is getting darker and darker outside. With new street lights, it is more convenient for villagers to travel at night." Bai Zhu, Secretary of the Party branch of yigezi wusitang village, said with satisfaction

linchunjie, an old soldier who lives in Qilan West Road, wusitang village, yigezi, saw the team install street lamps and took the initiative to help. He also took out fruits from his family for everyone to eat. When he saw 9 environmental friendly solar street lamps standing on both sides of the village road, his eyes filled with tears, Holding the hand of the first secretary tightly, he said: "thank you for the good policies of the Communist Party and the good cadres of our task force! Since the 'visiting Huiju' task force was established in the village, our life has been getting better and better day by day."

"the work in the village is to serve the people of all ethnic groups in this article, help them solve their problems, and use their own efforts to do tangible things for the people. This time, our team spent a total of 43650 yuan to do practical and good things for the people, further improving the villagers' sense of gain and happiness." Liufuxing, the first Secretary of the people's Court of Ruoqiang County in wutamu Township, igezi wusitang village, and the team leader said. (Wang Yang) (editor in charge: wuweiling (Internship), Hanting)


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