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The patrol group heard that the villagers had something to say. They turned on the street lights to ask for compensation. Original title: the compensation for the counterfeit motor well is coming back. It was an early morning when the suixian county Party committee of Shangqiu City, Henan Province was patrolling the village. Kongdeping, deputy leader of the sixth patrol group, and his delegation went to Panzhuang natural village, SuZhuang administrative village, Baimiao township as usual to carry out the "six must visit" patrol, which is an activity for equipment manufacturers of recycled plastic granulators, He was attracted by the voices of several villagers near the village canteen

"this money has been for several years. The village branch secretary and the village director always pretend not to know. Alas! It's hard to say now

based on years of rural work experience, kongdeping and his party judged that the experimental data collected at the same time were saved in the computer in text format. What the villagers said was "something in the words", and there must be "something" in it. So he stopped and came forward to chat up, "fellow townsman, what's the matter? Talk about it."

after hearing this, the villagers stopped talking and tried to walk away with their hands on their backs, but they did not go far

kongdeping changed his words: "the patrol notice posted by our patrol group in our village, everyone knows, you can report any problems in the village."

"it's useless to say anything."

"it must work. Go ahead!"

"let's talk about a little thing and try your patrol team. The street lights in my village have been unknown for several months. At night, the lights are dark. We dare not go out. Can we tell our superiors about it and turn it on quickly?"

the villagers are no longer reserved. They are trying and expecting. The inspection team carefully recorded the problems reflected, immediately exchanged views with the village Party branch after returning to the village office, and issued the notice on legislative inspection and reform. Two days later, all the street lamps in the five natural villages were overhauled, and the damaged street lamps were replaced

when they passed by the canteen again, the villagers became much closer to the comrades of the patrol group and gradually became familiar with them. During a visit to the masses, a villager shouted: "the compensation for the motor well in our village during the construction of the expressway has been falsely claimed by the former village cadre wuguoqiang. It has been several years. I wonder if I can come back?"

"this is the problem clue that our patrol team wants to find"

after reporting to the team leader, the patrol team went to the township finance department in two ways to check the distribution of land requisition compensation involving the village in the past five years and collect evidence materials; In that case, the test data will be invalid. On the other hand, he immediately met wuguoqiang himself and interviewed wuyongli, the Secretary of the village Party branch, and Wujun, the director of the village committee, to clarify the consequences of illegally claiming collective funds and inadequate fund supervision

after two days of hard work, the inspection team quickly targeted wuguoqiang, who was then a member of the village committee, the leader of the village group and the village electrician in 2015. After investigation, in the autumn of that year, wuguoqiang falsely claimed 10000 yuan of compensation for motor wells belonging to the "suixian section of Shangdeng expressway" of the village

wuguoqiang and others were severely punished. The inspection team held an on-site rectification implementation meeting for the purpose of rectification, education and prevention, and promptly handed over the problem clues to the township Discipline Inspection Commission for disposal. The compensation for motor wells shall be temporarily managed by the township finance office, and the use shall be decided after discussion by the villagers' assembly. (Henan Provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection and supervision)

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