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Statement on suspected infringement of Shanhe intelligent hydraulic hybrid excavator patent

statement on suspected infringement of Shanhe intelligent hydraulic hybrid excavator patent

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statement on suspected infringement of Shanhe intelligent hydraulic hybrid excavator patent

on September 22, 2015, our company received a customer report, At the "13th China International Construction Machinery Exhibition" in Beijing, there were suspected infringing products that imitated our patented product swe385es series hydraulic hybrid excavator; And a customer asked: does our company cooperate and license the patented technology to other enterprises

our company has verified the relevant reports and consultations, and preliminarily determined that the four excavator products "sc3620, sc4025, sc5030 and sc7650" displayed in the exhibition of lishide Construction Machinery Co., Ltd. are suspected of using at least the patented invention technology (Patent No. cn.7) named "an excavator boom" of our company. For the above facts, our company solemnly declares as follows:

1. As of the date of the declaration, the patented technology involved in swe385es series hydraulic hybrid excavator of our company is in an effective state of maintenance, and we have not licensed the patented technology with Rexroth Construction Machinery Co., Ltd. in any form of authorization or technical cooperation. If any enterprise or individual other than our company uses all products of the above patented technology of our company, it will be suspected of patent infringement ". According to Article 11 of the patent law of the people's Republic of China: "After the grant of the patent right for invention and utility model, except as otherwise provided in this law, no entity or individual may exploit its patent without the permission of the patentee, that is, it may not manufacture, use, offer to sell, sell or import its patented product, or use its patented process, and use, offer to sell, sell or import the product directly obtained in accordance with the patented process, for production and business purposes.". The company urges all customers to pay attention to the legal risk of infringement when purchasing the above products for commercial use, and pay attention to risk avoidance on the terms of the purchase agreement

2. According to the measures for the protection of exhibition intellectual property rights, our company filed a patent infringement complaint according to law on September 23, 2015. The complaint has been accepted by the Beijing Intellectual Property Office. According to the application, we have accepted and delivered the suspected infringing enterprises at the exhibition site according to law, and obtained evidence for the suspected products in the form of transcripts and videos. Our company will actively safeguard its legitimate rights and interests, and timely inform all friends who pay attention to and support Shanhe intelligent innovation technology of the dynamics of rights protection

3. In order to protect the legitimate rights and interests of customers who have purchased suspected infringing products and avoid accidental losses, all customers who have purchased such products before September 23, 2015 can contact our company (contact person: Dengzhanhua; contact information:) and report to our company with the purchase agreement and payment voucher. Our company will treat all reported customers' purchase of infringing 1-time impact test, which is often used to evaluate the cold and brittle products of materials, as bona fide purchase, and promise never to recognize it as infringing use. If the after-sales service of the company cannot be maintained due to our rights protection, our company is willing to provide after-sales service for all customers

hereby declare

Shanhe Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd.

September 23, 2015


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