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No challenge can stop China from moving forward. Ignoring China's sincere attitude and actions, the US raised the tariff on 200billion us Chinese goods exported to the us from 10% to 25% from 0:01, Washington time on May 10, 2019. China issued a statement at the same time, announcing that it had to take necessary countermeasures

in the face of this regrettable situation, people who have closely followed the progress made so far in the China US high level economic and trade consultation have to ask: the US side fundamentally violates the negotiation principles of mutual respect, equality and mutual benefit. Is it to return the China US economic and trade consultation process to the original point

China always believes that cooperation is the best choice and the only correct choice to solve problems. Only by earnestly following the principles and directions already determined by both sides, strengthening communication, focusing on cooperation and managing differences, can we promote the healthy and stable development of China US economic and trade cooperation and bilateral relations

the trend of China US economic and trade relations is not only related to the two major economies, but also has a profound impact on the world. In the face of great changes that have not been seen in a century, economic globalization has encountered twists and turns and increased uncertainty. Where is human society going? At present, U.S. policy makers have made a big bet on the "fight" side, so that the cloud of "existing interests" has covered their eyes to see the sun through the clouds. They cannot grasp the historical laws, fail to recognize the general trend of the world, and do not want to shoulder the times, which has cast a shadow on the development prospects of the world

(I) the US has launched trade friction offensives again and again, which not only has damaged its national reputation, but also seriously interfered with the process of China US economic and trade consultations

looking back on the course of Sino US trade frictions, in march2018, the United States unilaterally provoked frictions and escalated them in a short time, which had a negative impact on the economies of the two countries and Global trade

in order to avoid further escalation of friction, on December 1 last year, at the G20 leaders' summit held in Buenos Aires, Argentina, China and the United States first reached an important consensus: expand cooperation on the basis of mutual benefit, manage and control differences on the basis of mutual respect, and jointly promote China US relations based on coordination, cooperation and stability

the economic and trade teams of the two sides then held a series of consultations, and conducted dialogues on issues of common concern, such as trade balance, intellectual property protection, two-way investment, etc., constantly expanding consensus and narrowing differences, and made positive progress on a series of specific issues. China has always insisted on resolving differences through dialogue, always opened the door to negotiations, actively negotiated with the utmost patience and sincerity, and tried its best to seek the greatest common denominator of the interests of both sides

however, regardless of China's sincerity and actions and the principle of equality and mutual benefit, the United States has been exerting extreme pressure and asking exorbitant prices, which has once again escalated Sino US trade frictions and cast a shadow over Sino US economic and trade relations

(II) the unilateralism and hegemonism pursued by the United States have no way out, which has had a serious negative impact on world economic growth and Global trade

as the main founder and participant of the international economic order and multilateral trading system after the end of World War II, the United States should have shouldered its due responsibilities, took the lead in complying with multilateral trade rules, and properly handled trade friction with other members through the dispute settlement mechanism under the framework of the WTO. This is also an explicit commitment made by the United States government to the international community. However, while enjoying the benefits brought about by the current international trade system, the current US government has unilaterally exaggerated its domestic problems, internationalized its domestic problems and politicized its economic and trade issues, pursued extreme pragmatism, and even openly violated WTO rules, damaging its national image

the US government's sudden imposition of tariffs will inevitably cause great harm to the US itself, which has long been the consensus of the American society. "It is my enterprise, not China, that has paid the 25% tariff, which is imposing tariffs on American consumers." There are many voices of such opposition on American social media. Rick huffenberg, President of the American clothing and Footwear Association, said that the additional tariff would only hurt American families, American workers, American companies and the American economy

American farmers were also hit. In 2018, the net agricultural income of the United States decreased by 12%, and the prices of soybeans, pork, dairy products and wheat fell precipitously. While the profits fell, the equipment prices rose. Lovey Nazir, the fourth generation farmer of Bismarck farm in Kansas, said that the farm has been experiencing "difficult economic times" since last year because of the tariff increase, and he and other farmers are victims of trade disputes. Jim tappon, a grain farmer, said, "we have survived the difficult times of the 1970s and 1980s, but we can't survive now". His family had to give up their farm after nearly 100 years of operation

not only that, the limit of ammonia released from two concrete admixtures in the world gb18588 ⑵ 001 trade frictions among the largest economies have caused the international community to worry about global economic growth. The International Monetary Fund, the world bank and other institutions recently lowered their expectations for world economic growth. Christine Lagarde, President of the International Monetary Fund, described the current world economic situation as "uncertain weather" and listed the trade issue as "the biggest uncertainty factor in the world". The WTO has lowered its global trade growth forecast for 2019 from 3.7% to 2.6%, the lowest level in three years

the trade war cannot solve the problem. The United States' willful trade protectionism has harmed the interests of consumers, farmers, entrepreneurs and other groups in the United States and the global industrial chain. At present, the United States is under increasing economic and political pressure, and it is difficult to bear the cost of further escalation of trade frictions. International public opinion believes that the only correct choice for the US side is to return to the negotiating table and truly solve the problem through equal consultation

(III) China adheres to principled cooperation and resolutely defends the core interests of the country and the fundamental interests of the people. We have confidence, determination and ability to cope with risks and challenges

to resolve Sino US trade frictions, China's position has always been clear - "cooperation is the best choice for both sides." "As for the economic and trade differences and frictions between the two sides, we are willing to solve them through cooperation and promote the conclusion of an agreement acceptable to both sides."

cooperation is principled, not blindly compromising. China, especially in the rubber and plastic industry, will never develop itself at the expense of the interests of other countries, nor will it give up its legitimate development rights. Since the Sino US trade frictions took place more than a year ago, the impact on China's economy, whether in the macro-economy, enterprise development or people's livelihood, is generally controllable

the long-term positive economic fundamentals are the fundamental support for us to cope with risks and challenges

since the beginning of this year, in the face of complex and severe situations, China has unswervingly promoted high-quality development, focused on deepening supply side structural reform, continued to fight three tough battles, timely and appropriately implemented counter cyclical adjustment of macro policies, maintained major macroeconomic indicators within a reasonable range, significantly improved market confidence, and accelerated the implementation of the transformation of old and new kinetic energy. Looking at the opening report card of this year, in the first quarter, China's GDP grew by 6.4% year-on-year, exceeding market expectations, and remained in the range of 6.4% - 6.8% for 14 consecutive quarters. More importantly, at the end of March, the national urban unemployment rate was 5.2%, the employment situation was generally stable, and the "gold content" of development was higher and more sufficient

"China is not willing to fight a trade war, but it is not afraid to fight a trade war." Sino US economic and trade issues have limited impact on China's economic growth. In recent years, thanks to the huge market space and consumption upgrading potential, domestic demand has become the main engine driving China's economic growth. Last year, the contribution rate of consumption demand to economic growth reached 76.2%. The impact of fluctuations in China US economic and trade relations is also limited

over the past year, we have always maintained a high level of vigilance. We have not only taken the lead in preventing risks, but also made great efforts to deal with and resolve risks and challenges. We have played a strategic initiative to turn danger into opportunity. Measures to stabilize employment, finance, foreign trade, foreign investment, investment and expectations were intensively introduced and firmly implemented. China's economy showed high scores: the economic growth rate ranked first among the five major economies, the total economic output exceeded 90trillion, the economic structure was optimized and upgraded, and China's economy made steady progress

the unique advantages of China's system are our greatest strength to deal with risks and challenges

the more complex the situation is and the more severe the challenges are, the more important it is to give full play to the role of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China as a sea god under centralized and unified leadership. At the same time, we should maintain our strategic determination, forge ahead, explore and innovate, and strive unremittingly along the established grand goals

it should be noted that the achievements in construction, reform and development in the 70 years since the founding of new China, especially the historic achievements and changes since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, have laid a solid foundation for us to properly deal with trade frictions. The fundamental way to deal with trade frictions is to develop and strengthen ourselves through reform and opening up and concentrate on running our own affairs well. It should be noted that the strong leadership of the Party Central Committee, the superiority of China's socialist system, a high degree of unity of state will, and the close unity and strong support of the people of the whole country are our greatest advantages and fundamental guarantee in dealing with trade frictions. p>

"there are many things in the world. Beat the drums to urge the expedition and stabilize the boat." p>

(IV) China US relations have gone through trials and tribulations for 40 years and have always moved forward. The common interests between China and the United States outweigh differences, and the need for cooperation outweighs friction. We must not allow contradictions and differences to interfere with the overall situation of China US relations at present, or allow prejudice to misjudge the general trend of China US relations in the future

"the wind and waves are small when you look far away, and the sea is flat when you fly into the air."

from the perspective of historical development, over the past 40 years, every major breakthrough in China US economic and trade relations has pushed bilateral relations to a new level; Every turnaround in China US relations is inseparable from the "ballast" and "propeller" role of economic and trade relations. Today, despite the changes in the respective situations of the two countries and the international situation, the two sides should remain determined and not be confused by one incident at a time or disturbed by one situation or one region

from the perspective of practical needs, today, China and the United States have become each other's largest trading partners and important investment targets. One flight takes off and lands every 17 minutes, and more than 14000 people travel to and from both sides of the Pacific every day. The annual bilateral trade volume of goods increases from less than US $2.5 billion to US $630billion... The interests in bilateral economic and trade cooperation continue to growHow will the paper market in 2019 interpret 0
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