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The proportion of no more secondary packaging will reach 85% in 2022. The "green packaging" of e-commerce express needs to be invested more. Release date: Source: Securities

eight departments recently issued the opinions on accelerating the green transformation of express packaging (hereinafter referred to as the opinions), strengthening the Green Governance of express packaging, strengthening the standardized management of e-commerce and express, increasing the supply of green products, and cultivating a new model of circular packaging, Accelerate the establishment of laws, standards and policy systems that are compatible with the green concept, and promote the "green revolution" of express packaging

this news also caused waves in the capital market, and the express logistics sector rose as a whole. And related listed companies are also expanding. On December 22, forest packaging was listed on the main board of Shanghai Stock Exchange

shaozhonglin, Deputy Secretary General of China Express Association, said in an interview with securities: "this time, eight ministries and commissions jointly issued corresponding opinions To promote the introduction of the policy, which is unprecedented before. It reflects the importance attached by the state and relevant departments. The policy is very important and requires everyone to work together. However, at present, the implementation of this policy is difficult to implement in a certain department or link, involving many industrial fields. It is not a problem faced by an industry, but an important issue related to ecology. "

it is understood that at present, the problems of excessive packaging and packaging waste are widespread. Looking at the entire industrial chain, there is a lack of professional R & D institutions for packaging materials, and the investment of enterprises needs to be strengthened. At present, packaging has become an important link in e-commerce, logistics, food and other industries. The research and development of environmental protection materials and the creation of the whole industrial chain of ecological green packaging paper are particularly important for the establishment of green ecological environment in various industries and human beings

excessive packaging is common.

it is of great significance to improve policies.

with the rapid development of e-commerce, express delivery and logistics industries, problems such as excessive packaging have become increasingly prominent. Packaging waste, complex materials and low environmental protection have led to cumbersome and excessive packaging. This also directly raises the cost, wastes a lot of human and material resources, and the resulting environmental problems can not be ignored. Relevant data show that China's express business volume has ranked first in the world for six consecutive years. The express industry consumes more than 9 million tons of paper waste and about 1.8 million tons of plastic waste every year, showing a rapid growth trend

member of Expert Committee of China Chamber of Commerce Laiyang, President of Beijing Jingshang Circulation Strategy Research Institute, said in an interview with securities: "At present, the overall packaging of express delivery is excessive. From repeated warehouse changes, large packaging disassembly to small packaging, there is a waste of packaging resources. In our field investigation of many e-commerce companies, we generally embed the oil source into the host. We found that although most e-commerce warehouses and warehouses are very advanced and have first-class technical level, they are still packed layer by layer and piece by piece during packaging, which not only costs high materials, but also wastes a lot of manual labor Express delivery and logistics packaging have a lot of room for optimization. "

the opinions on the use of wear-resistant components in household appliances put forward that it is necessary to standardize the recycling and disposal of express packaging waste, appropriately increase the reuse ratio, and ensure that express packaging waste is cleared and transported in time. At the same time, the specification of each link of the packaging industry chain shall be specified

Songjia, director of the innovation center of the Machinery Institute of the state owned assets supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council, said in an interview with securities: "the eight ministries and commissions jointly issued the opinions this time It is not only the continuation of the policy, but also to guide the next high-quality development of the whole industry. It is a qualitative change from the industry guidance in the past to the binding mechanism now. It clearly conveys the determination of the country to transform and upgrade to the market, and will gradually establish a complete governance system such as standards and regulations that adapt to the concept of green development. "

in order to promote green express packaging, as early as 2017, the State Post Administration jointly issued guidance documents with 10 ministries and commissions, and carried out pilot work in 8 provinces and 5 national express logistics companies. In 2018, relevant standards were formulated and popularized throughout the industry, achieving good social and economic benefits

"If relevant policies are implemented, the impact on the industry will be 'one increase, one decrease and one increase', which will reduce the production enterprises with low quality and high pollution; what is increased is the application level of digital, automatic equipment and unmanned technology, which will be further comprehensively improved, for IOT, intelligent sorting equipment and unmanned logistics equipment; what is increased is the blockchain and information security industries, which will be traceable in the whole process due to the increase in the amount of data and the application of new technologies "A 'digital twin logistics system' for information security." Songjia said

Xie Xiaowen, a special researcher of the China logistics society, believes that the opinions are of great significance to promoting the Green Governance of express packaging in the whole industry. They provide systematic policy guidance and regulation from the aspects of objectives and tasks, basic principles, laws, regulations and standard systems, and standardized management. They have clear requirements, clear tasks, and effective measures, which will have a significant and far-reaching impact on accelerating the "green revolution" of express packaging in China

he said: "compared with the policies issued in the past, the opinions has three remarkable characteristics: first, the policy regulation is high; second, the objectives are clear; third, focus on source control."

the Opinions also clearly pointed out that by 2022, China's e-commerce express will no longer have secondary packaging, and the application scale of recyclable express packaging will reach 7million. By 2025, e-commerce express will basically realize no secondary packaging, and the application scale of recyclable express packaging will reach 10million. It plays an important role in guiding all departments and localities to refine and decompose tasks

at the same time, the opinions encourages e-commerce and express enterprises to provide consumers with green packaging products in online retail and express delivery, and encourages the promotion and application of recyclable and foldable express packaging in local fresh food distribution and chain stores' ultra bulk logistics, so as to reduce the use of disposable plastic foam boxes; It is required to develop new border technologies such as intelligent packaging, and accelerate the R & D and application of green environmental protection and functional packaging materials. These specific measures provide a solution to further strengthen the Green Governance of express packaging from the source

while solving the problem of "excessive packaging", the implementation of the new deal will also help promote the industry to form a green and smart express system of "source control, whole chain green, national unification and end reuse", and reduce the cost of the e-commerce industry

high cost of environmental protection materials

low R & D efforts of enterprises

although the relevant policies are gradually improving, the securities learned that the lack of professional R & D institutions, low investment of enterprises and high cost of environmental protection packaging exist in the industry and enterprises, and there are some difficulties and obstacles in building a real "green packaging" ecological environment. The practical implementation of relevant policies still needs the joint efforts of all parties

according to the survey, for e-commerce and logistics enterprises, the general price of environmental protection materials is still high, even more than twice the price of general materials, but the profits of e-commerce and logistics are very low. How to reduce the cost of new environmental protection materials is very important, and it is also the key to the smooth implementation of the policy

a person in charge of an enterprise specializing in environmental protection packaging materials told Securities: "At present, the company has successfully developed environmental protection materials for anaerobic process. The company is looking for an authoritative organization for inspection. If it is applied in the future, the enterprise packaging cost will be reduced by 15%-20% compared with the original, and further promote the application of materials in express delivery and environmental protection materials. However, at this stage, the common phenomenon facing the industry is that the R & D cost of environmental protection materials is high, and there are few professional teams and R & D personnel. E-commerce and logistics enterprises are participating in Come in with me. "

Lai Yang said: "In the process of implementing 'green packaging', the use of packaging materials and technological upgrading and transformation are particularly important. The research and development of new technologies, new materials and simplified packaging methods can effectively reduce costs, improve efficiency and reduce packaging volume. At present, the space for material technology innovation and research and development is very large. At present, relevant regulations have been gradually improved, and e-commerce and logistics enterprises should further study to reduce costs and maintain a good ecology Environment. "

he believes that the maturity and R & D of green packaging should be jointly completed by all parties. "Looking at the whole e-commerce and logistics industry chain, at present, there is a lack of enterprises and institutions specialized in this field in the industry, and there is also a lack of R & D teams in materials. Logistics and e-commerce enterprises can develop their own R & D, or entrust a third party or work with them. The investment of relevant enterprises still needs to be strengthened."

shaozhonglin said: "it is a huge project to 'reduce the secondary packaging of e-commerce' proposed in the opinions. At present, packaging has the largest consumption and the highest requirements in the two industries of e-commerce and express logistics. Enterprises should take the lead, strengthen research and development, and enterprises in other industries can gradually enter."

it is understood that there are three kinds of commonly used packaging at present: ex factory packaging, sales packaging and express packaging (delivery packaging). Delivery packaging needs to consider the transportation, sorting and distribution process, and must have the ability to resist turbulence, pressure and cold and heat, which makes it more difficult to research and develop relevant environmental protection materials. For enterprises, how to strengthen research and development is particularly important

zhouxibing, a researcher of the Soft Power Research Center for Chinese local enterprises, suggested in an interview with securities: "For express delivery enterprises, they must take green packaging as the direction of transformation. At the same time, they must carry out cross-border cooperation with high-tech enterprises such as basic research and development of raw materials, packaging design, production and artificial intelligence to produce intelligent packaging with high composite utilization rate and multiple utilization. E-commerce enterprises should strengthen process management, implement subversive packaging transformation, reduce packaging costs by large-scale procurement, and enhance their competitive advantage."

shaozhonglin pointed out that during the implementation of the new deal, the mandatory restriction of the law is also very important. "The binding nature of environmental protection laws and regulations comes from two aspects: their own binding force and strict law enforcement. Relevant departments must suggest strict law enforcement basis and methods, and the implementation and implementation of relevant laws and regulations can be practical. Enterprises should also actively respond to green environmental protection, operate green materials and save costs. At the same time, the industry should propose unified norms and business forms as soon as possible, and fair trade is also the basis for the practical implementation of relevant policies. All regions in the country, e-commerce and express delivery industries must implement it. This is a big project and must be guaranteed by relevant laws. "

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