No need for 2ky85 to meet your full screen fantasy

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Without 2K, y85 meets your full screen fantasy.

with the continuous upgrading of consumption, the price of 2000 yuan once contested by various manufacturers seems to be out of the view of consumers. Is there anything worth recommending at this price? In fact, the competition at each price is no less than before. However, with the rising price of flagship products, manufacturers prefer to flaunt themselves with flagship products, so as to defend their position in the industry, which has added a strong driving force for the development of Changkou smart manufacturing town. In the era of full screen blowout, a stunning full screen still has strong competitiveness at the price of 2000 yuan

as a product released at the same time as vivo X21, vivo y85, a new generation of comprehensive screen with both internal and external maintenance, is rarely known because of the lack of screen fingerprints, but it is the most cost-effective comprehensive screen at the price of 2000 yuan. Y85 is positioned as an entry-level comprehensive screen by vivo. In terms of appearance, it adopts the same comprehensive screen design style as X21, with a resolution of 2280 × The 1080's 19:9 6.26 inch special-shaped full-scale screen accounts for 90% of the screen, and the body adopts wear-resistant polymer technology combined with mirror appearance, making the whole machine as delicate as the flagship machine. This alone makes it difficult for it to compete at this price

as the first factor for users to judge, there is no doubt that vivo y85 has been amazing enough at the price of 2000 yuan. "Internal beauty" naturally falls on the system interaction and UI interface of the full screen. Y85 is equipped with funtouch os4.0 based on the latest Android 8.1. In order to make the display effect of the whole machine more amazing and beautiful, the system UI interface and icon are specially designed, breaking the original single and boring block structure, highlighting exquisite flatness, and making the whole interface pop-up window more rounded

the interactive logic of the full screen makes the whole operation more smooth. Among the setting options of the system, there are navigation gestures for users to choose and learn. The interactive logic is to slide the bottom of the screen left and right to quickly switch applications. Slide and stop from the middle position of the bottom of the screen to enter the multitask background interface. Slide on the left, middle and right positions of the bottom of the screen to expand the control center, return to the desktop and return to the upper level. Such operations are done at one go, giving people a smooth experience, At the same time, it solves the lack of the three King Kong keys caused by the full screen

ai smart beauty and smart dual photography are a perfect combination. Taking photos as VI graphene can also increase the highlight of in-plane cutting VO, which has always been promoted. Y85 still has the pursuit of flagship level in this product. Front 16million AI beauty selfies bring users intelligent beauty solutions belonging to everyone, making girls more feminine and boys more stylish. Of course, the front camera also plays a very important role. Vivo's innovative face wake facial recognition can solve the embarrassment of the rear fingerprint, completely liberate both hands, and bring a new experience of "Preview" intelligent unlocking

in the back is 13million AI intelligent dual camera, which enables it to automatically focus on the theme and virtualize the background when taking portraits, and get a large art film of SLR. The addition of AC mengpai allows users not to download a wide range of mengpai apps, but to open the system camera to solve all users' illusions about the camera. In addition, due to the popularity of artificial intelligence, vivo has specially optimized the camera so that it can intelligently learn users' beauty hobbies, such as private customized cameras, and give users more beautiful choices

jovi, the future has come. Under the wave of artificial intelligence, Jovi, as vivo's artificial intelligence assistant, has been fully developed. Jovi means "enjoy vivo's AI", which means that Jovi can not only complete the instructions given to it by users, but also learn users' living habits, so as to realize an all-weather personal assistant, so that users can find a second self. As we all know, Jovi, as an artificial intelligence assistant at the domestic end, makes it more convenient for users to handle daily affairs. Vivo's support for Jovi is not limited to flagship aircraft such as X21. It still has a full-featured AI all-weather personal assistant on y85, which is a blend modified composite. From machine learning, in-depth learning, position perception, posture recognition to intelligent scenes, intelligent driving and other comprehensive intelligent services

five in one smart Jovi brings a new Jovi AI engine. It can intelligently predict application actions and identify switching operations to improve application startup and switching speed. It also has the ability to learn users' usage habits, release memory in advance for big storage application startup, load app in advance, and open it quickly and smoothly. The intelligent scene in Jovi AI assistant sends out reminders to users when appropriate, and actively provides considerate services: reminders of work road conditions, intelligent detection of flight dynamics, travel destination weather reminders, intelligent detection of flight dynamics, train tickets, air tickets, hotels, meetings, rest reminders, etc., should be indispensable to users

artificial intelligence is the general trend of the industry. Vivo's view on artificial intelligence is different from that of other manufacturers. In the era of artificial intelligence, it is not an enterprise that can do a good job by making a chip, an algorithm or several products. The essence of a manufacturer is a platform, which gathers excellent devices, algorithms, and services in the industry to consumers. Vivo's ability to make such a sharp layout in advance is enough to see its years of accumulation in the industry and its accurate grasp of the market foresight

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