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In 2010, there was no breakthrough in domestic high-end instruments in the instrument market.

most of the high-end analytical instruments currently in use in China are still imported. As high-end analytical instruments have high technical requirements, long R & D cycle and large R & D investment, it is a huge challenge for domestic enterprises. In recent years, there have been such fast-growing high-tech enterprises as spotlight technology, general analysis, Tianrui instrument, Dongxi electronics, Beijing NACK, xuedilong, Hebei Xianhe, etc., but domestic enterprises still generally lack the original innovation ability of high-end products, their own technology, a serious lack of R & D investment, and a lack of systematicness and long-term continuity of work, resulting in a lack of high-end analytical instrument development ability of domestic enterprises. The connection channel between scientific research achievements of scientific research institutes and colleges and universities and industries is not smooth, and it is impossible to produce high-end analytical instruments that meet the needs of the domestic market in the short term

however, China's analytical instrument market is changing as a whole. Since 2009, in the face of the impact of the world financial crisis, the growth rate of production and sales of China's instrument industry has dropped sharply again, but with the joint efforts of the whole industry, it has come out of the trough and achieved a stable recovery and development. There were three unexpected developments in the instrumentation industry in 2009. Xi Jiacheng, a special consultant of the China instrumentation industry association, said that the recovery was lower than expected, the profit recovery was faster than expected, and the bearing capacity of local enterprises was stronger than expected.

last year, a few leading enterprises still maintained a strong development momentum in the context of the slowdown in the overall growth of the analytical instrumentation industry and the year-on-year decrease in exports. Enterprises such as spotlight technology, Tianrui instrument and Beijing NACK also bucked the trend against the background of the decline of the global analysis and detection industry, and achieved gratifying sales growth rates of 44%, 30% and 24.4% respectively

1) spectrometer

on April 22, 2010, the 2010 spectral technology innovation forum, jointly sponsored by China Innovation Method Research Association, China analysis and Testing Association, China instrumentation industry association and Analytical Instrument Branch of China instrumentation society, and organized by Beijing haiguang Instrument Co., Ltd. and Beijing physical and chemical analysis and testing center, was grandly held in Beijing Friendship Hotel. The theme of this forum is to strengthen technological innovation, improve spectral technology and promote the development of analysis and testing industry. Zhou Yuan, Secretary General of China Innovation Methods Research Association, said that the innovation of scientific tools is an important means to carry out scientific research and realize invention and creation, and is also one of the important scientific resources

at the forum, the opening ceremony of room as/nzs 4284:1995 was held, marking the official establishment of the application laboratory. Liuqingjun, director of Beijing physical and chemical analysis and testing center, and zhouzhiheng, chairman of Beijing haiguang Instrument Co., Ltd., inaugurated the laboratory. The domestic scientific instrument application demonstration center is committed to the application demonstration of scientific instruments with independent intellectual property rights in China, so as to promote the healthy development of domestic scientific instruments

in the first half of 2010, 8 major analytical instrument companies including Shanghai spectrum, Shenyang Huaguang, Beijing NACK, Liman China, panaco, Shimadzu, Thermo Fisher Scientific, and aseli launched 8 new spectral instruments

2) chromatograph

chromatograph is one of the fastest-growing analytical instruments in the world. Among them, the gas chromatograph technology is relatively mature, and there are relatively few new products, while the liquid chromatograph has introduced new products one after another due to the emergence of ultra-high performance liquid chromatography technology. In recent years, life science research, drug research and development and food safety detection have become important driving forces for the growth of the liquid chromatograph market. In the first half of 2010, wattage, Agilent, Shimadzu, Diane and Puyuan Jingyi launched new chromatographic products

with the increasing market demand for chromatographs, the scope of application of chromatographs is expanding. In the specialties set up in Colleges and universities, nearly dozens of professional research fields use different professional chromatographs. Chromatographic technology is required as research auxiliary equipment for food, medicine, biology, chemistry and geological energy. Data show that nearly 9% of the global demand for separation technology comes from China

at present, gas chromatography and ion chromatography have the greatest influence in China, and each technology accounts for more than 10% of the global market share. With the gradual deepening of scientific research in Colleges and universities, the demand for detection instruments is also growing, making the purchase of chromatograph become the leading role in the laboratory equipment in Colleges and universities

3) mass spectrometer

mass spectrometer, also known as mass spectrometer, is an instrument for separating and detecting different isotopes. That is, according to the principle that charged particles can deflect in the electromagnetic field, it is a kind of instrument to separate and detect the composition of substances according to the mass difference of material atoms, molecules or molecular fragments. With the development of science and technology and the continuous expansion and deepening of research fields, the application of mass spectrometer is becoming more and more common, and the update rhythm of its products is also accelerating. Especially in the past two years, the major mass spectrometer manufacturers have launched new mass spectrometry products at an amazing speed. In the first half of 2010, the major mass spectrometer companies launched more than a dozen new mass spectrometry products. High throughput, high sensitivity, high resolution, low detection limit, miniaturization and portability are the main development directions of mass spectrometer

in the past two years, the major mass spectrometer manufacturers have launched new mass spectrometry products at an amazing speed. In the first half of 2010, nine major instrument companies, including Perkin Elmer, Specter, Agilent, Walters, absciex, Brooke, zoex, TORION and Beijing East West analysis, launched 17 new products

mass spectrometers, as high-end scientific research instruments, are more and more widely used in Colleges and universities. As an important demand market for mass spectrometers in the world, China has also attracted more and more attention from businessmen. The rapid growth in the demand for mass spectrometers in the domestic market has not divided this gospel into its own enterprises. Foreign brands in the field of scientific research are monopolized. Domestic instruments have no choice but to learn from others, But we still can't get rid of the embarrassing situation that the public uses some small houses and other industries

mass spectrometer has a wide range of applications, involving food, environment, human health, drugs, national security, and other fields related to analysis and testing. Now it has become one of the most promising analytical instruments. In recent years, the global market demand growth rate has exceeded 10%, and the demand growth in the Chinese market is far greater than or even greater than this proportion. Especially at present, human health, environmental safety and rational utilization of energy are the prominent problems faced by countries all over the world. Mass spectrometer is especially favored because of its accurate qualitative and quantitative ability in the analysis and detection process

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