Caterpillar public welfare forest project in Suzho

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"Caterpillar public welfare forest project" in Suzhou "Meikai fourth degree"

"caterpillar public welfare forest project" in Suzhou "Meikai fourth degree"

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recently, the tree planting activity of "China Environmental Protection Foundation - Caterpillar public welfare forest" Suzhou station was held in the beautiful Suzhou Taihu Lake National wetland park. Li Wei, Secretary General of China Environmental Protection Foundation, luzhendong, deputy director of Suzhou Environmental Protection Bureau, and chenqihua, vice president of caterpillar, delivered speeches and planted the first sapling for the event. Nearly 200 caterpillar volunteers participated in tree planting activities. According to the understanding of China's construction machinery trade, the caterpillar people have proved the necessity and determination to build a green home through practical actions, such as digging pits, planting seedlings and filling soil. Planting trees and beautifying the environment are the obligations of citizens, and also the concrete embodiment of fulfilling the social obligations as corporate citizens. Caterpillar volunteers hope that after the tree planting activity of "caterpillar foundation public welfare forest", more people will deepen their understanding of nature protection and continue to work hard to build a better green life in the future

"caterpillar public welfare forest" is a public welfare project donated by the Carter foundation of the United States through donation to Asia and jointly carried out with the China Environmental Protection Foundation. Since the "caterpillar public welfare forest project" was launched in 2011, it has actively participated in the afforestation activities of China's three North shelterbelts and areas around Taihu Lake, and made due contributions to water and soil conservation and environmental improvement in the above areas. By 2014, the caterpillar foundation public welfare forest project had planted nearly 250000 saplings, covering nearly 200 hectares of land

with the theme of "caring for forests and treating the earth well", the goal is to promote the improvement of China's desertification environment, advocate the concept of sustainable development and build ecological civilization. The tree planting activity of "public welfare forest" is actually a "carbon sink transaction", that is, caterpillar company "offsets" the amount of carbon dioxide released during their production in the United States by investing in afforestation and absorbing carbon dioxide here in Suzhou and other places, in order to reduce the total carbon emissions or even "zero emissions" released by the company in the world. Carbon sink transaction is a virtual transaction created based on the provisions of the United Nations Framework Convention on climate change and the Kyoto Protocol on the allocation of carbon dioxide emission targets by countries, that is, developed countries that have produced a large number of greenhouse gases due to the development of industry can reduce their total carbon emissions by investing in afforestation in developing countries to increase carbon sinks to offset carbon emissions when they are unable to meet the relevant standards, It does not really pack the air of developing countries and transport it abroad. In short, it means that developed countries can exchange carbon emissions and compensate the global ecological environment by planting trees to build annual accumulated forests in developing countries. In addition, according to the calculation of China Environmental Protection Foundation Based on the relevant environmental records and specific formulas to ensure sufficient control time, in the first two years of the project implementation, caterpillar public welfare forest project has begun to make positive contributions to the local natural environment improvement, including achieving a dust retention capacity of more than 4400 kg/year, a carbon sequestration of 28000 tons/year, and an oxygen release of 20000 tons/year

2015 is the fourth consecutive year of "caterpillar public welfare forest" activities in Suzhou. Over the past four years, nearly 4000 trees have been planted, with a cumulative planting area of 20000 square meters. It has played a positive role in improving the ecological environment of Suzhou


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