Pk16000 lifts a new generation of spacecraft and f

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Pk16000 lifts a new generation of spacecraft and firmly supports China's space industry

pk16000 hoists a new generation of spacecraft and firmly supports China's space industry

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on May 8, three huge "umbrella flowers" were in full bloom over the Dongfeng landing site, and the new generation of spacecraft test ship returned safely from space, opening a new chapter in China's manned space industry

it is the pk16000 truck mounted crane that records the measured hardness value as the "gold partner" to undertake the lifting and unloading of the return cabin

as soon as the news came out, it once again triggered a heated discussion on Chinese equipment

In the 21st century, space exploration has become the strategic commanding point of national security and interests, and manned spaceflight represents a country's comprehensive national strength and scientific and technological strength

the new generation of manned spacecraft is one of the country's most important weapons. Its return capsule has a diameter of 4.5 meters and a weight of 5.6 tons. It is larger and has a more precise internal structure. Every inch of the equipment should be moved with extra caution

it is from the full trust in quality that such an important task is delivered to its completion

it is reported that 15 years ago, pk16000 folding boom crane was purchased by a unit of the Ministry of space, which is mainly used for the hoisting of aerospace precision instruments and equipment

from Shenzhou VI in 2005 to today's new generation of manned spacecraft, the recovery of the spacecraft's return capsule has been completed by this truck mounted crane

CCTV LianBo reported this

with the attention of the national audience, pk16000's iconic U-shaped high-strength steel boom stably hoisted the return cabin and accurately placed it in the special vehicle

Sany has always been a staunch supporter of the national aerospace industry

in November last year, Sany scc6500a crawler crane hoisted China's first deep space exploration antenna array - the key function line on the @b panel of Kashi deep space station of Xi'an Satellite Measurement and control center, and successfully completed the established installation task

this is China's first deep space exploration antenna array, which will play a decisive role in China's deep space exploration project

some time ago, Sany crane also hoisted rlv-t5, the largest and most advanced recoverable rocket in China, and successfully conducted launch and recovery tests, which was highly praised by the public

in the future, as China continues to expand its steps towards deep space, Sany will also continue to improve equipment performance and make greater contributions to human "flying dream" (4) mixed friction can be divided into semi dry friction and semi fluid friction


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