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On April 9, the large exhibition hall of the second China (Guangdong) International Printing Technology Exhibition of print China 2011 was crowded. More than 1000 exhibitors from all over the world attracted more than 120000 visitors. Among them, the most popular is the booth set up by Pitney Bowes. This is the first time that this fortune 500 company has appeared at the domestic printing exhibition: new industry thinking, complete software and hardware integrated direct mail program display, which has won the favor of many printing enterprises. The head of marketing department of Pitney Bowes Greater China region said that he hoped that with the help of this exhibition, he could marry more partners in the printing industry in China, such as... To jointly expand and integrate the industrial value chain and provide more value-added services for customers in the printing industry

(at the print China exhibition, binnengbao made a new appearance and intended to marry Chinese printing enterprises)

for domestic large and medium-sized printing service enterprises, how to solve the increasingly serious labor shortage, difficult production personnel management, low manual operation efficiency and high error rate are their top concerns at present. At the exhibition, bineng Bao gave its own answer

Pitney Bowes showed all the guests its latest production level and commercial level automatic letter/bill printing and packaging equipment, including intellijet, a top-level color digital printing system cooperating with HP that can print 8732 pages per minute; MPs is the world's top post press letter packaging equipment with a maximum speed of 26000 letters per hour; As well as the print+messager white paper solution without pre printing envelopes/stationery, it preserves the printing concept of green and environmental protection. It no longer requires the use of more expensive windowed envelopes, that is, it can quickly generate high-quality and low-cost personalized color envelopes or bills, which virtually improves the production efficiency and reduces the material and management costs for enterprises. For small printing enterprises, Pitney Bowes demonstrated the di425 commercial middle-end letter packaging equipment and the da75 commercial envelope address printer on site to meet the needs of users at different levels

for those printing enterprises that want to deeply tap customer resources and further expand the integrated service value chain, but suffer from a single existing technology, equipment and service project, bineng Bao has brought them its unique global precision marketing tool CCM customer communication management scheme. This complete set of CCM solutions provided by Pitney Bowes divides customer communication into four processes:

first, customer intelligence integrates customer data, cleans addresses, and creates variable data through Pitney Bowes' independent software, and divides customer attributes such as age, gender, and consumer preferences into multiple dimensions, thus laying the foundation for precision marketing

in the second stage of CCM process system, the whole production intelligence is involved. Printing enterprises often need to carry out a large number of data processing and letter packaging. At this time, they can use the fully automated letter packaging equipment of Pitney Bowes to achieve efficient personalized production

next, Pitney Bowes' communication intelligence can help customers break through the barrier between the physical and digital world, realize the simultaneous release of offline, network, platform and other multi-channel, so as to improve customer service level and enable customers to provide more valuable services

finally, Pitney Bowes location intelligence provides enterprises with a more targeted opportunity to expand customers and enhance market prospects through street level analysis, mapping and geocoding. Using the new solutions and technologies provided by Pitney Bowes, combined with the original services, printing enterprises have the opportunity to quickly create new service products with higher added value, so as to improve customer stickiness and create more revenue

(in front of the Pitney Bowes exhibition, many printing service companies and packaging and printing enterprises enthusiastically visited and inquired)

at the exhibition site, Pitney Bowes demonstrated its high-end commercial CCM bill and official direct mail IDP integration scheme to the guest entities: after pressing the system start button, soon, white sheets of paper were controlled by Pitney Bowes CCM process software. After real-time printing of variable data, letters were automatically folded and sealed, Turned into a beautifully packaged color personalized credit card statement. Open the envelope, and the bill will contain not only the details of the user's consumption in the current month, but also the advertisements for tourism, movies, notebooks and other commodities specifically recommended according to the user's past consumption habits

similarly, the letters sent by the 4S store to its members through this process also provide customers with more personalized care and targeted automobile maintenance service recommendations, greatly increasing new marketing opportunities for the 4S store. It can be said that CCM solution makes full use of a thin business letter and has become a position of precision marketing

(personalized credit card bills and 4S store member letters produced by Pitney Bowes CCM solution)

can a letter be completely sealed and automatically printed and sealed? Watching the continuous production of personalized credit card bills, the visitors not only sighed. Soon, the Pitney Bowes booth attracted a large number of inquiries from printing service companies and packaging and printing enterprises. Many business owners have expressed great interest in Pitney Bowes' products and hope to broaden the path for their enterprises by introducing Pitney Bowes' technologies and solutions

the person in charge of the marketing department of Pitney Bowes Greater China region told that by 2009, the market of China's printing industry had grown to 515billion, and the import and export of China's printing equipment and equipment had also grown from scratch, from small to large, and developed synchronously. At present, the annual per capita paper consumption for printing in China is only about 60 kg. In the United States, Japan and some developed countries in Europe, the per capita paper consumption has reached more than 300 kg, five times that of China. This shows that China's printing market has great potential. Since its entry into China, Pitney Bowes has attached great importance to the big market of China's printing industry. We are seeking marriage with Chinese printing enterprises to actively promote the integration and expansion of the value chain of the printing industry

Pitney Bowes company profile

was founded in 1920. After more than 90 years of innovation and development, Pitney Bowes has become a global leader in the field of customer communication management (CCM). By providing a series of software and hardware products and overall service solutions, it helps customers effectively integrate physical and digital customer communication channels, quickly create large-scale highly personalized precision marketing communication activities, and then help enterprises achieve business growth. At present, Pitney Bowes has 30000 employees worldwide, with assets of US $5.4 billion

Pitney Bowes firmly believes that every contact will create new opportunities


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