Pizhou, Jiangsu stabbed and killed 6 children, res

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Pizhou City, Jiangsu Province stabbed and killed six children, resulting in two deaths. The police offered a reward of 50000

photos of suspects published on the official microblog of Pizhou Public Security Bureau

the picture shows a screenshot of the official microblog of Pizhou Public Security Bureau

Beijing News (chengyuanyuan) at about 0:50 today, the Beijing News learned from the police of Pizhou, Jiangsu that Xu Zengzhi, the suspect who stabbed and killed six children in the streets of Yunhe Town, Pizhou City, yesterday evening, causing two deaths, has been arrested. The trial is currently under way. The case will be further notified

the Beijing News reported last night that, according to the introduction of the villagers in the West Group of Xukou village, Yunhe Town, the suspect xuzengzhi "used" six children in the same village to their home yesterday afternoon, then stabbed the children and fled, and two of them died on the spot

previously, the Beijing News learned that four children were being rescued in the intensive care unit. Early this morning, the staff of Pizhou Renyi people's Hospital said that an injured child was still being rescued because of severe brain injury

the villager said that the suspect had a preference for domestic violence

Mr. Wang, the villager of the first village in the West Group of Xukou village, told the Beijing news that yesterday afternoon, Xu Zengzhi, a man from the village, used six children in the village to his home, then stabbed the child and fled the scene. "Two of the murdered children died on the spot when they were 7 to 11 years old."

according to the introduction of Mr. Liu, a villager, to the Beijing News, the suspect was 47 years old and had been violent before. "He often beat his wife, and then his wife ran away with the children." Xuzengzhi is unemployed and lives alone. Mr. Liu said that all the murdered children were from the same village. After the incident, there was a large piece of blood left in xuzengzhi's home. He was not clear about Xu Zengzhi's motive

according to the photos released by you, there were bodies covered with white cloth in front of the house of the ethnic minorities. On the eve of the lunar new year, the villagers were criticized for being surrounded by the ethnic minorities. The police set up a warning line at the scene

At 21:30 yesterday, the Beijing News learned from Pizhou public security bureau that the case had resulted in two deaths and four injuries, and relevant parts were pacifying the families of the injured. The case was under investigation, and the four injured were stopped for rescue in the intensive care unit of the hospital

last night, the official microblog of Pizhou Public Security Bureau announced that Xu Zengzhi (male, born on November 11th, 1969, from Yunhe street, Pizhou City) was in custody. Xuzengzhi, long face, white complexion, short hair, height about 170cm, thin body. Those who discover and assist the public security organ in catching the criminal suspect will be rewarded with 50000 yuan of foreign currency

in the early morning of this day, xuzengzhi has been captured. At present, the police are just starting the trial task. The case will be further notified

Jiangsu man stabbed and killed a child, resulting in two deaths and four injuries continued: triggered by neighborhood conflicts, Zhongxin 1 is generally used as a user instruction or specific guidance for user classroom teaching. On April 25, according to the news released by the official microblog of Pizhou Public Security Bureau in Jiangsu Province, after the police fully launched the task, xuzengzhi, a criminal suspect in the "4.24" murder case in Pizhou, was arrested by the police in Beijing at about 23:30 on the 24th. After the preliminary trial, the suspect xuzengzhi killed 2 children and injured 4 children in his neighborhood with instruments due to contradictions in his neighborhood. The case is under further management


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