In 2017, railway construction insisted on making p

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In 2017, railway construction insisted on making progress while maintaining stability and making every effort to improve quality.

in 2017, railway construction insisted on making progress while maintaining stability and making every effort to improve quality.

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railway construction plays a special role in economic and social development. The railway construction system should take the initiative to adapt to the new normal, effectively implement the new concept, adhere to the "seeking progress in stability" as the general tone of the construction work, scientifically and orderly promote railway construction, further improve the development quality and efficiency, and promote the sustainable and healthy development of railway construction

2017 is a year for the implementation of the "13th five year" railway plan, and it is also a year for the railway construction system to take practical actions to meet the victory of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China

at present, the national economic development situation is "slow and stable, stable and good", and the railway construction and development is still in an important period of strategic opportunity

the Party Central Committee attaches great importance to railway work, has made a series of important instructions on railway development and reform, and has given policy preference and support in the reform of railway investment and financing system and the comprehensive development of railway land; For three consecutive years, the State Council has formally written the "railway investment of more than 800billion yuan" into the government work report; In the implementation of major strategies such as the "the Belt and Road" and the coordinated development of Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei, the state has taken accelerating railway construction as an important part of them for overall consideration and unified arrangement. These policy orientations will certainly become a powerful engine and important support to promote the development of railway construction

the medium and long term railway planning newly revised and approved by the state in july2016 clearly points out that by 2020, the national railway scale will reach 150000 kilometers, including 30000 kilometers of high-speed railway, covering more than 80% of large cities. This is a major adjustment and top-level design made by the state to the future railway development blueprint according to the new situation and requirements of economic and social development, and clearly puts forward the phased objectives of railway construction and development during the 13th five year plan

in order to achieve this planning goal, the construction system should strictly follow the requirements of "scientific and reasonable arrangement of construction projects and orderly promotion of project organization and implementation", refine and implement the objectives and tasks to each project and work site, and promote the smooth completion of various objectives and tasks through strict organization, strict control and strict assessment, so as to ensure the development momentum of railway construction

while continuing to maintain the good momentum of railway construction and development, the railway construction system should seriously implement the requirements of "seeking progress in stability and improving quality in progress", promote railway construction scientifically and orderly, and realize the sustainable development of railway construction. Specifically, it is necessary to achieve the "four more focuses" proposed at the 2017 construction work conference of China Railway Corporation

pay more attention to safe development and legal construction. Adhere to safe development, enhance risk management awareness, establish and implement the "Trinity" safety assurance system of civil air defense, material defense and technical defense to ensure the safety of construction operations; Earnestly implement the requirements of "long-term plan and quality first" to ensure that the project quality meets the standards and can truly withstand the transportation inspection and historical inspection; Insist on taking quality and safety as the core, orderly organize and promote the project construction, and comprehensively realize the construction objectives of quality, safety, construction period, investment, environmental protection and stability; Adhere to legal construction to ensure team stability and social harmony; Adhere to people-oriented management, carry forward the railway construction culture in line with the characteristics of the times, and effectively stimulate the enthusiasm, initiative and creativity of the vast number of builders

pay more attention to investment benefit and enterprise benefit. Adhere to scientific decision-making, vigorously optimize the design, realize the system matching of construction standards, scale, functions and equipment, and apply advanced technology to minimize construction risks; Broaden financing channels, optimize investment structure, and do everything possible to reduce construction costs; Strictly manage investment, strengthen process control, correctly handle the relationship between investment and construction period, quality and safety, and ensure the best investment benefit; Make full use of the market mechanism, change the operation and development mode of construction enterprises, rely on intensive management, scientific management and technological progress, improve economic benefits and realize the sustainable development of enterprises

pay more attention to management innovation and technological innovation. Continue to promote the innovation of construction management system and mechanism, further promote the standardized management of railway construction projects, and further improve the management level of railway construction by relying on advanced "four modernizations" supporting means; Accelerate the construction of credit system, actively promote and apply modern management technology, and strive for world-class management level; With the goal of leading the development trend of the world railway construction technology, we will comprehensively strengthen the original innovation, integrated innovation, introduction, digestion, absorption and re innovation, further improve the independent innovation ability, and provide strong support for improving the quality of China's railway construction and development; Continue to improve the technical standard system for railway engineering construction in China, and give full play to the supporting and leading role of technical standards for railway construction and "going global" development strategy

pay more attention to resource conservation and environmental protection. We should adhere to the path of low-carbon economic development, strictly control the scale of construction land, deepen research on energy-saving technologies, and promote the application of energy-saving products; We should adhere to the path of green development, ensure that environmental protection and water conservation measures are designed, implemented, inspected and accepted simultaneously with the main works, and strive to minimize the impact of railway construction on the ecological environment

the railway construction system must take "seeking progress while maintaining stability" as the main tone of the railway construction work at present and in the future, and as the fundamental compliance and action guide for all parties involved in the construction, in which "stability" is the overall situation and premise, and "progress" is the goal and direction. The two are dialectically unified and mutually promoted

in the new year, the railway construction projects of the State Administration of railways have attracted people's attention. Railway construction has always been the focus of the national government departments. How many railway construction projects will China have in 2017

what railways will the China Railway Administration begin to build in 2017

with the consent of the State Council, the national development and Reform Commission and the Ministry of transport jointly issued the three-year action plan for the construction of major transport infrastructure projects. In 2017, there were 23 key recommended railway projects

1 Chongqing Kunming High Speed Railway: 785km of newly built railway, with an investment of 95billion yuan

2 Xining Chengdu (huangshengguan) Railway: 540km of newly built railway with an investment of 45billion yuan

3 Guangzhou Shanwei Railway: 168 km of newly built railway, with an investment of 18.2 billion yuan

4 Xi'an Tongchuan Yan'an Railway: a new railway of 315km, with an investment of 32billion yuan

5 Hefei Huai'an Railway: 270 km of newly built railway, with an investment of 35billion yuan

6 Shanghai Zha Hangzhou Railway: 130km of newly built railway, with an investment of 11.2 billion yuan

7 Langzhuo Intercity Railway: 126 km of newly built railway, with an investment of 20.5 billion yuan

8 Bazhou Hengshui Railway: 199km of newly built railway, with an investment of 26billion yuan

9 Lunan Railway (Heze Qufu): a new railway of 200km, with an investment of 16billion yuan

10 Lunan Railway (Lankao Heze): 85 km of newly built railway, with an investment of 9.3 billion yuan

11 Weifang Laixi Railway: 126km of newly built railway, with an investment of 19billion yuan

12 Zhengzhou Puyang Intercity Railway: a new railway of 200km, with an investment of 24billion yuan

13 Zhangzhou Xiamen Intercity Railway: 70km of newly built railway, with an investment of 16billion yuan

14 Nayong Liupanshui Railway: 60km of new railway with an investment of 3.3 billion yuan

15 Pingliang Qingyang Railway: a new railway of 100km, with an investment of 7billion yuan

16 Ningbo Jinhua railway: 135 km of newly built railway, with an investment of 11billion yuan

17 Sanmenxia Yuzhou Railway: 257km of newly built railway, with an investment of 18billion yuan

18 Yangshuang and Hanzhou connecting lines of Tianjin terminal: a new railway of 30km. The investment is 1.6 billion yuan

19 The railway from Tiechanggou to Tacheng of Karamay Tacheng railway is 190km long, with an investment of 5billion yuan

20 Additional second line of Pingliang Zhongwei Railway: 315km new railway, with an investment of 13billion yuan

21 Electrification project of Jiaozhou Liuzhou Railway (Huaihua Liuzhou section): railway electrification is 415km, with an investment of 4.3 billion yuan

22 Jining Erenhot capacity expansion project: however, due to the addition of flame retardants, it is unable to manufacture recycled fibers to expand the 330km railway, with an investment of 8.2 billion yuan

23 dalailong railway capacity expansion project: 167km of railway will be reconstructed and expanded, with an investment of 6billion yuan

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