In 2016, Yuchai launched the double transformation

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In 2016, Yuchai launched the "double transformation" strategy "to sum up the past year, although Yuchai has achieved the largest domestic share, the most complete product varieties, and the highest production and sales, we are not happy. We should also see that the downward pressure on the macro economy continues, and the challenges and impacts facing the traditional power are still great." on January 21, Yanping, chairman of Yuchai Co., Ltd., made this opening speech at the 2016 Yuchai machine marketing service conference held in Kunshan, Jiangsu Province, which immediately won applause from the audience

"secondary entrepreneurship" achieved results

in 2015, Yuchai group sold 476600 multi cylinder engines and realized a total revenue of 33.702 billion yuan. Among them, Yuchai has sold about 365000 engines in total, and its production and sales volume continues to rank first in the industry. Its market share has increased among the 14 major engine manufacturers in China

20 the external force P caused the deformation of the internal deformation plate of the sensor for 15 years. Yuchai has released and put into the market 22 new products, involving the gas engines of diesel country 4, country 5, Europe 6, non road country 3 and country 5. As a result, remarkable achievements have been made in several market segments: the structure of medium and heavy truck power products has been improved, and the proportion of road vehicles in the truck sector has reached 65%, changing the product structure of Yuchai, which is mainly composed of dump trucks for supporting projects; The power of light trucks increased against the trend. 4fa4s achieved 60% growth against the trend; Agricultural machinery sales hit a record high; Large ships of more than 16 liters are sold in batches, The market growth potential is "this high-speed injection molding machine can produce 100 fast-food box lids in one minute; the overseas market expansion has achieved remarkable results, with a contrarian growth of more than 20%; relying on import and export companies and project cooperation, the export channels have been further expanded, the products have entered 167 countries, and have gained a dominant position in some countries, and the network construction is becoming more and more perfect.

2013, Yan Ping proposed the strategy of" Second Entrepreneurship "in the next five years, To promote the rapid upgrading of Yuchai industry. Over the past two years, Yuchai group has bravely moved forward along this road, enabling the enterprise to achieve rapid leaps in comprehensive transformation and upgrading. "We took the first step to deal with the dilemma of overcapacity". In the face of the achievements, Yan Ping was very calm

product transformation strategy

at the beginning of 2016, Yuchai launched four new products at the marketing service conference, covering light, medium and heavy engines and new energy power. These new products are not only the emission upgrading of products, but also the comprehensive upgrading and development of product performance, reliability, product quality and product adaptability, so as to make the products more competitive. These four new products are yc6jn-60 gas engine, ychps medium-sized hybrid power system, yc6k diesel engine, yc4y light diesel engine, a new product of national five power

it is worth mentioning that yc4y light diesel engine, the launch of this new product once again reflects the achievements of Yuchai product transformation and upgrading. Since 2013, Yuchai has launched yc4fa, yc4fb, yc4s, yc4eg and other high-performance high-quality engines in the light vehicle power market, and won a good reputation. Yc4y light diesel engine is designed by AVL of Austria and independently developed by Yuchai. It is a new longitudinal commercial power developed on the basis of the development of transverse car power. The engine integrates a large number of advanced technologies and configurations of light-duty high-speed diesel engines in the world, and is especially suitable for cars, SUVs, MPVS, light passengers and pickups

2016, Yuchai will carry out a comprehensive layout of product R & D, upgrading and production, once again reflecting the strategic idea of transformation and upgrading

wuqiwei, President of Yuchai Co., Ltd., announced the theme of 2016's business work at the marketing conference: "deep cultivation and careful work, breakthrough and transformation". Among them, the "seven breakthroughs" involves the product transformation strategy, which mainly includes: passing T3, stabilizing the country 4, expanding the country 5, and initiating the country 6, and breaking through the quality, cost, and delivery

in terms of product R & D, it mainly includes two major contents: product finalization and batch launch of national 5, T3 and hybrid generation II systems; Determine the type spectrum of national VI products and non road T4 products, and start the comprehensive development

in terms of product upgrading, yc6k, yc4s and other heavy and light engines will be vigorously promoted to enter key markets; Deepen strategic cooperation with vehicle manufacturers, terminal dealers and large users; Actively respond to the impact of new energy, and promote hybrid generation II system, hybrid special engine and pure electric accessories

to meet the challenge of new energy, Yuchai's measures include: improving the development and market promotion of special hybrid engine; Popularize the second generation parallel hybrid power system and hybrid system; Continue to promote the gas engine market; Develop and launch new energy components such as motors, electrical accessories and controllers

international cooperation will stabilize the markets in Vietnam, the Middle East and South America; Expand markets in Myanmar, North Africa and Russia; Cooperate with the main engine factory to carry out overseas export strategy. "In 2015, Yuchai's overseas market sales exceeded 40000 units for the first time. In 2016, we will carry out international cooperation with world-famous companies, and then Yuchai will make a major announcement." Yan Ping did not disclose the specific cooperation details, but only sold them at the conference

management transformation

continuing to promote the construction of Yuchai's lean manufacturing system YCPS is a key point of Yuchai's management work in 2016

in 2011, Yuchai began to introduce lean manufacturing. At the end of 2013, foreign experts were introduced. By 2015, Yuchai had initially established a lean manufacturing system YCPS. In 2015, under the guidance of a team of foreign experts led by director Yisui Yamada, Yuchai Co., Ltd. determined the improvement direction of seven major sectors, including stable production, flexible production and quality improvement. Throughout the year, it established 237 four tier projects and 748 five tier projects. Lean manufacturing was promoted in the production system throughout the year, and all projects generated more than 20million yuan in revenue. Yan Ping specially emphasized the importance of this work in his speech at the marketing conference. 2016 is the closing year of YCPS construction. Yuchai has set the goal for itself to become the most competitive and competitive professional power enterprise in the world. If it really wants to stand among the international giants without upgrading or denying itself, it can only follow the international big companies

in terms of improving service competitiveness, Yuchai has achieved its annual goal in 2015. In 2015, the user satisfaction index was 81.88, a year-on-year increase of 1.67; The truck and bus service network has built a comprehensive electronic control service capacity, and the coverage of electronic control services in prefecture level cities has reached more than 90%. With the help of vehicle network technology, non Road products have formed a basic electronic control support capacity; Yuchai's "micro +" service platform has been built and put into operation, providing users with convenient services through mobile Internet; After tapping the market potential, Yuchai built a business-oriented service body, and realized 26 accessories service alliances, of which the sales volume of accessories alliance increased by 22% year-on-year. Service upgrade. In 2016, Yuchai will further upgrade its service policies, including the three guarantee period, oil change cycle, man hour cost, and out of town fuel subsidies. At the same time, improve the service quality of electronic control, build a mobile Internet service platform, continue to promote accessories, oil service and technology alliance, and improve marketing competitiveness in combination with business policies. Yan Ping mentioned at the marketing conference that the marketing system will be reformed in 2016. He said that under the current background of emission upgrading, the marketing team should closely contact the market, keep up with the requirements of the development of the situation, and rebuild an efficient and powerful marketing service system by building a new type of cooperative relationship

despite the severe situation in the industry as a whole, Yuchai still formulated and announced an internal challenging sales target called internal force even moment or torque: the sales target of Yuchai shares' headquarters engine is divided into two levels, which will reach 365000 units in 2016, challenging 383500 units

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