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Autumn and winter yarn exhibition series: Jiuzhou chemical fiber launched energy-saving and environment-friendly atpdp fiber. From August 29 to 31, China International Textile yarn (autumn and winter) Exhibition (hereinafter referred to as autumn and winter yarn exhibition) will begin in Shanghai New International Expo Center

"we will focus on introducing energy-saving and environment-friendly fibers." Xushuangxi, general manager of Shaoxing Jiuzhou Chemical Fiber Co., Ltd., told us that the company has specially introduced energy-saving and environmental friendly differentiated fibers based on atpdp or dirty or rusted fibers. "Atpdp fiber is the latest environment-friendly product that can be dyed and printed under normal temperature and pressure. Its excellent dyeing characteristics at normal temperature and pressure and the advantages of high dye uptake make it interwoven with any natural fiber, and it can achieve the effect that cotton like cotton, silk like silk and wool like are the only experiments such as wool that do not damage the mechanical function of the test piece." Xushuangxi introduced that in the process of printing, dyeing and finishing, atpdp can greatly reduce water consumption. It is preliminarily estimated that the consumption of electricity and dyes and chemicals can be saved by about 25%~30%

xushuangxi said that in order to cooperate with the launch of atpdp fiber, the company will make an appearance in the style of green and environmental protection in exhibition arrangement. The background color of publicity posters and brochures are green, aiming to show customers a positive concept of green and environmental protection

xushuangxi said that in order to improve the product grade and meet the needs of users, the company will continue to strive to create innovative, high-quality and high value-added products, and make contributions to the world's leading manufacturing level of protective synthetic fibers and a more fashionable textile culture in the future

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