AutoPrint automation in Manroland offset printing

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AutoPrint automatic printing in Manroland flat sheet offset printing

high automation further improves production efficiency

autoprint automatic printing represents the vision of a one button intelligent and efficient printing machine, that is, the highest level of 3D printing process can be achieved at the touch of a button, which is usually more suitable for automatic offset printing production than other situations. Manroland has taken the lead in the automation field of newspaper printing and commercial rotary printing, and now applies this concept to the offset press

under the current economic conditions, printing must be produced with higher efficiency. AutoPrint automatic printing can produce more live parts in a short time, and can also quickly convert live parts through intelligent control system. The development of AutoPrint automatic printing the core resolution can reach 0.05 μ M. the core is a one button production concept, that is, it can be mass produced quickly at the touch of a button. AutoPrint automatic printing can improve production efficiency through automatic and pre-defined operation steps, improve the comfort of operation by focusing on basic production, and improve the ecological balance of the company. Optimize and prepare the preset data before live parts conversion to minimize the downtime of the printing machine. AutoPrint automatic printing control system makes a great contribution to improving efficiency

autoprint smart intelligent automatic printing: the entrance to industrial scale printing

autoprint smart intelligent automatic printing function has the characteristics of automating the operation sequence and continuous printing function in live parts preparation, thus optimizing the production process. The intelligent interaction of various technologies to reduce the calibration time, as well as the self-learning control system on the printing machine, make the conversion of live parts to the realization of the first authentic piece much faster

according to different movable part structures, under the same printing speed, the productivity can be increased to 15% and the number of printed waste sheets can be reduced by about 30%. AutoPrint smart intelligent automatic printing also ensures the printing quality in the whole production operation, better plans the sequence of live parts, and accurately copies duplicate live parts. Printer operators benefit from the simplified operation of the printer and have time to take care of other operations. Printing enterprises benefit from faster production cycle and lower production costs. Manroland will launch AutoPrint SMAR for the first time at the 2010 IPEX exhibition. The recommended material experimental load is about 70% and 90% of the range of the experimental machine. T intelligent automatic printing

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