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Autorim launched a new type of polyurethane processing equipment

impact testing machine, a professional manufacturer of polyurethane machinery and equipment in the UK. How to use the impact testing machine to impact the specimen at the moment of impact by the hammer. Yesterday, autorim announced that it had become the only designated distributor of all henegie products in the UK and Ireland

philiphindson and jeremyband, the president of autorim, also introduced a new invention of the company, that is, the redesign of the plate forming equipment produced by autorim, thus eliminating the trouble of building another pit to facilitate the operation of the equipment system

"2+2 plate forming equipment is very popular and has been used by many cold storage and structural insulation board manufacturers." However, Hindson pointed out that according to the feedback from customers, an additional pit needs to be built to keep the equipment in complete operation. "Installing 2+2 equipment according to the principle of ergonomics has brought a lot of trouble to customers." Therefore, the company redesigned the plate forming equipment, so that customers can directly install the autorim2+2 plate forming equipment, reducing the cost loss

kilkennycooling in Ireland first benefited from this new invention, and will install a new autorim2+2 plate forming equipment in the factory by the end of this year

autorim is currently inviting polyurethane processors to visit the company's new equipment technology in November. Hindson said that the new equipment "is an ideal production equipment without adding solvent for those processors who have added solvent to the production process from the perspective of existing projects so that the production can proceed smoothly."

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